Friday, January 29, 2010

Givin' em hell, Barry style

I had no particular desire to add my bit to the torrent of commentary on the State of the Union address, but I understand a certain over-coiffed Portuguese water dog thinks I'm not up to the blogging challenge, so here goes.
Obama's style of dishing out the hellfire is based on the Harvard-educated, I'm-so-much-smarter-than-you-jackasses model. This tends to infuriate the rubes, especially because it is basically true that O. is the smartest man in the room. Unfortunately, it is not such a great way to get the people on your side. Instead of playing stand-up comedian to Congress with that line about the bank bailouts having been like a root canal, Obama should have told the American people, "We had to save the banks so that we didn"t end up with half the country standing in bread lines. But tonight I ask Congress to make sure the greed-heads who nearly ruined our country never get to enjoy their ill-gotten gains, and are barred by law from ever restarting their games if three-card monte. Any member of Congress who attempts to block or water down these essential reforms can be assumed to be the bankers' hired gun."
And for a man who was supposedly elected for his soaring rhetoric, Obama seemed curiously unable or unwilling to articulate a vision of where this country should go. When he said he would not forget the uninsured, that was just the barest hint of what he could have said--that we will get America out of the awful mess that the untrammeled greed and heartlessness of the last thirty years have gotten us into, and we will build a more just society.
But I'm only dreaming... Over to you, pooch.

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