Monday, January 25, 2010

Wow! The President Reads The Election Returns

It is a truism of American politics first stated by David Ross Locke, writing as Petroleum V. Nasby, that "the Supreme Court reads the election returns." Of course, sometimes the Court is a little slow on the uptake, which accounts for all that unpleasantness back in 1937 about FDR's "court-packing scheme." (My mother told me about that when she was suckling me in an alley. Hey, there's not a lot to do in the Robert F. Byrd National Monument, otherwise known as the State of West Virginia, okay?)

Still, the justices have the excuse of serving for life. How come an elected official doesn't get it until the good people of Massacusetts whack him over the head with a two-by-four? Oh, I see it now: AP reports the O-man has "offered help for people struggling to pay bills and care for their families, appealing to a middle-class he says has been 'under assault for a long time.'" (The poor ye shall always have with you, and since they don't have money they don't have free speech and probably aren't actually people, if I understand the Supremes' latest ruling correctly. But I digress.)

Kind of like how I had to meow, and meow again, and again, and again this morning until Baldy brought me my food. Let's hope, to mix a metaphor, that the voters don't need to take a dump outside the litter box for Obama to descend from Olympus and actually do something people can see and understand.

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